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We offer Abu Dhabi City Tour Ferrari World Tours

about 50 years ago, Abu Dhabi was no more than a fort surrounded by villages of date palm huts.

Today it is the unique and modern capital of UAE and is often referred to as the Arabian asset occupying 87% of its total land of 83,500 square Km.

The Abu Dhabi City Tour is the is one of the famous and must to do the tour in between all Dubai tours.
We start our Abu Dhabi City Tour around 07:50 am in the morning and then our journey will start from Dubai will take past the Jebel Ali Port, the largest human-made port in the entire world on the track to Abu Dhabi.

Here you will find an ultra-modern city situated on an island. Towering skyscrapers and shining glass look astonishing everywhere in the city, but parks and gardens help maintain Abu Dhabi’s reputation as being one of the cleanest cities in the region.

On arriving the Abu Dhabi city, visit the ShiekhZayedMosque, Abu Dhabi Heritage Village, Marina maland Abu Dhabi Market etc.

You will be given some time for lunch. This is not included in our package but our guide will help to make arrangements at a local restaurant that you wish for – your tour ends with a relaxed drive along the beautiful Abu Dhabi Corniche to the end of the breakwater offering awesome views of the city skyscrapers.

    • Departs: 7 days a week
    • Pick up time from 07:40 am
    • Duration: Around 8 hours

Price: AED 180 per adult for Abu Dhabi City Tour and you can add the Ferrari World Ticket On Special Discounted Rates of Aed 260 each person only!

From past 50 Years, this city has groomed a lot before all these fantasies it was just a village surrounded by palm trees and huts. But as of now the whole place is transformed into a unique way and its beauty is known as the modern capital of UAE and often stated as the Arabian Asset, it occupies around 83500 sq. km of its total land.

When it is about Dubai Tours, Abu Dhabi is the most famous and exciting place with great adventures and excitement. Our trip begins at 7:00 am in the morning and the initial destination from where it gets started is Jebel Ali Port, the best and the largest human-made port on the track to Abu Dhabi.

The destination spots which will be part of this Abu Dhabi Trip will be Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Marina Maland, Abu Dhabi Market, Heritage Village and etc.

To make it a comfortable ride, our guides will help you out from Starting will The End. After all the visiting and traveling, experience the worlds amazing and beautiful Abu Dhabi Corniche at the end of the breakwater on your way back home with amazing skyscraper views all over Abu Dhabi.