Burj Al Arab Tour dubai

Burj Al Arab Tour Dubai

Burj Al Arab Tour Dubai and Burj Al Arab Hotel, One of the worlds most famous Hotel in Dubai situated on the sea at the awesome Jumeirah Beach with the height of 322 meters especially in the night, Burj Al Arab refer a mesmerizing sight, surrounded by the different colors, sculptures of water and fire.

The Burj Al Arab hotel is very famous because of its building, wonderful beach, and restaurants etc.

Our company is desired to offer the following tours.

  • Breakfast and High Tea Adult US$ 125each and for children US$ 57 only.
  • Lunch or Dinner US$ 200 per persons and for children US$ 75 only

Burj AL Arab, the name itself explains it all.

Dubai’s one of the famous landmarks, the exterior has left billions of people speechless. Its sail-shaped silhouette is the most remarkable frame which makes it stand out of today’s competition and a perfect symbol to be the key source behind promoting modern Dubai. This beauty’s structure and the name is not just an identity for some area but it is the source to make Dubai more popular all around the globe.

Every year thousands of people visit Dubai and they have a dream to visit Burj Al Arab. For all the wonders this is an extraordinary structure and its service has made Burj Al Arab Jumeirah so astonishing. SupremeDesertSafari offers the best possible way to live your dream with us in the best package deals.

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